Ctrl + Alt + Del: «I intended for it to be an easter-egg»

The clas­sic «Insi­de-Out» case.

I just read Har­ry Brignull’s latest Post on the sto­ry behind the puz­zling Ctrl + Alt + Del com­bi­na­ti­on to log-on to Win­dows.

Dave Brad­ley, the inven­tor says: «I was just try­ing to sol­ve a deve­lop­ment pro­blem we had.[…] I ori­gi­nal­ly inten­ded for it to be an eas­ter-egg, just some­thing we were using in deve­lop­ment.[…] It was a five minu­te job. I didn’t rea­li­ze I was going to crea­te a cul­tu­ral icon when I did it.»

And this is how mil­li­ons of novice Win­dows users ended up lear­ning very quick­ly whe­re tho­se keys are that nobo­dy ever uses.

If you are not the world-domi­na­ting pro­vi­der of ope­ra­ting sys­tems some­thing like this can serious­ly hurt or even kill you. How to avo­id it? Put your users on cen­ter sta­ge.