Macmillan Education: Personas as powerful basis for digital future in Oxford

Stimmt’s stra­te­gy team just com­ple­ted a per­so­na stu­dy for Mac­mil­lan Edu­ca­ti­on in Oxford. Based on inter­views with tea­chers, stu­dents and experts, we crea­ted a power­ful basis for a digi­tal future. The per­so­nas enab­le the Mac­mil­lan Eng­lish Lan­guage Tea­ching divi­si­on to deve­lop even bet­ter pro­ducts and ser­vices for Eng­lish lear­ners and teachers. 

Mac­mil­lan Edu­ca­ti­on is a publi­shing com­pa­ny based in Oxford. They publish books for stu­dents and tea­chers, rea­ders, dic­tio­n­a­ries and offer diver­se online resour­ces for Eng­lish Lan­guage Tea­ching around the glo­be. Mac­mil­lan Edu­ca­ti­on is a divi­si­on of Mac­mil­lan Publis­hers Ltd, a glo­bal publi­shing group foun­ded in the United King­dom in 1843. Mac­mil­lan is its­elf owned by Ger­man-based, fami­ly run com­pa­ny Ver­lags­grup­pe Georg von Holtz­brinck GmbH.

Pro­ject details
Loca­ti­on: Oxford (and pho­ne calls around the world)
Dura­ti­on: July 2012 – Sep­tem­ber 2012